Design and Copy Templates

Design templates, and copy templates usually target reusability. The use of templates promotes speed, and quality. Ubelix provides templates at two levels:

The copy repository in Ubelix includes individual pieces of copy, as well as copy sheets, that can both be reused. For example, the copy sheet of a Strawberry yogurt can be leveraged toward coming up with the copy sheet of an Apricot yogurt of the same family. Also, that same copy sheet for an English language label can be leveraged to generate the French label. Ubelix provides both data structures and functionality to enable this reuse.

The Ubelix plug-in integrates intelligence that enables reuse of previous artwork. This intelligence is based on both the sophisticated patented data representation, and processes embodied in Ubelix. Just as described above for copy sheet, the generation of the artwork itself can be greatly automated. This automation translates into improved speed, and quality. Click here to see a video of a Ubelix design template in action. An important advantage of our technology versus some of our competition is that Ubelix does not rely on any proprietary template technology. This is all done in native Adobe Illustrator and InDesign format files. You can read more about the advantage of our open architecture here.

In both cases, speed and quality translate into faster speed to market and reduced cost.