Open Architecture – XML, API

The Ubelix architecture is open at two levels: its backend, and the artwork it generates.

Our backend includes a flexible web service layer which enables inter-system communication between Ubelix and other systems in your corporate infrastructure through the Ubelix system API.  Ubelix can therefore communicate and synchronize  with the data in any other of your systems containing relevant  product information. Our system also can export different types of objects in XML format.

Our system generates and manages artwork that is fully compatible with, and fully editable by Illustrator. What this means for you is:

  • We do not introduce any proprietary format in your process:
    • Your artwork files are completely compatible with Illustrator
    • Your artwork files are completely editable in Illustrator
    • Your artwork files are not dependent on the presence of our technology.  They are full standalone Illustrator  files.
    • Your stakeholders, prepress, brand owners, and /or design groups do not need to change their processes. Your designers do not need training in some new proprietary technology.
    • You can adopt our technology without your data  becoming our hostage.The data you generate is Illustrator compatible.
  • Our system is not a proprietary-file- generating black box. You can integrate it in any edit and review process of your choice.

The flexibility of the artwork we generate stands in stark contrast with blackbox-type technologies currently on the market.