Product Overview

Organizations designing packaging or marketing material face the daunting challenge of generating and approving copy, and then integrating it into graphical file formats. This process involves many individuals from diverse departments within different companies. It is prone to error, and requires a great deal of rework and quality assurance. Ubelix streamlines this process to dramatically reduce rework and errors by enabling revolutionary content management, resulting in faster time to market and reduced costs.In the typical work process, copy is managed in files like word documents, excel spreadsheets, and PDF files. These files are designed to be easily handled by all the humans involved in the review process, but they are ill-adapted to the final steps in the design work. Ubelix’s new model centers copy management on copy. The copy is not managed by file but by atomic copy elements within a database. This enables the automation of many tasks, and therefore speeds the process while also eliminating many of the error-prone human activities.Ubelix is Unicode compliant and allows for the management, storage, and reuse of multilingual copy to support and streamline artwork localization / translation.